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  1. Hi Mr. Eight. Already Transfer. Status: Successful Reference number: 1585461580 Transaction date: 04 Jan 2012 Transaction time: 17:36:35
  2. ok mr. Liquid_Acetone... your order is in the list already... Awesome. Will you be at the next gathering for payment?
  3. Wow. **** gets censored. Now I know.
  4. **** this bollox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No contact!!!!!! No diplomatic resolve!!!!!!! Half a **** year of " Dewa Time "!!!!! **** **** **** **** ****!!!!!!!!!! /rageover
  5. Dear moderators, Please close this thread. The case is closed. And if anybody is still on good talking terms with "God/Dewa", please tell "God/Dewa" that he does not need to return the 510! And he does not need to "Contact Me" anymore! And I promise I will NEVER contact him again! The end.
  6. For the record, I have commissioned a coupla cars from him. All were good quality customs, he delivered on time, I was satisfied, & paid him too. It was all hassle free, and honestly I have no qualms about cham2020. But since he went MIA, along with my Datsun 510, he's been out of reach. It's just..... weird, ya know?
  7. I just dunno why I can't contact him. Or rather why he's avoiding me. If I can't get back the car, at least an answer would be nice. And yes, I paid him already. He already customized the car, but there was a slight error, so it went back to him for fixing. Then he went totally MIA, and I have not been able to contact him since.
  8. Hello friends. It's been a while since I last log on. I would like to ask for help to find and get hold of another member, cham2020/Evolution Miniatures, who used to be on this forum too. He doesn't answer his handphone(s) and seems to block/unanswer me on facebook too. I commissioned one Datsun 510 from him previously (actually beginning of the year), and he is still holding my car. At least, I want to get an answer from him, face-to-face. I hope I can get help from here, as all my efforts have failed. Cheers.
  9. So what is the best way to contact him?
  10. He is still holding my datsun 510. :'D
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