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  1. Hi Mr. Eight. Already Transfer. Status: Successful Reference number: 1585461580 Transaction date: 04 Jan 2012 Transaction time: 17:36:35
  2. ok mr. Liquid_Acetone... your order is in the list already... Awesome. Will you be at the next gathering for payment?
  3. Wow. **** gets censored. Now I know.
  4. **** this bollox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No contact!!!!!! No diplomatic resolve!!!!!!! Half a **** year of " Dewa Time "!!!!! **** **** **** **** ****!!!!!!!!!! /rageover
  5. Dear moderators, Please close this thread. The case is closed. And if anybody is still on good talking terms with "God/Dewa", please tell "God/Dewa" that he does not need to return the 510! And he does not need to "Contact Me" anymore! And I promise I will NEVER contact him again! The end.
  6. For the record, I have commissioned a coupla cars from him. All were good quality customs, he delivered on time, I was satisfied, & paid him too. It was all hassle free, and honestly I have no qualms about cham2020. But since he went MIA, along with my Datsun 510, he's been out of reach. It's just..... weird, ya know?
  7. I just dunno why I can't contact him. Or rather why he's avoiding me. If I can't get back the car, at least an answer would be nice. And yes, I paid him already. He already customized the car, but there was a slight error, so it went back to him for fixing. Then he went totally MIA, and I have not been able to contact him since.
  8. Hello friends. It's been a while since I last log on. I would like to ask for help to find and get hold of another member, cham2020/Evolution Miniatures, who used to be on this forum too. He doesn't answer his handphone(s) and seems to block/unanswer me on facebook too. I commissioned one Datsun 510 from him previously (actually beginning of the year), and he is still holding my car. At least, I want to get an answer from him, face-to-face. I hope I can get help from here, as all my efforts have failed. Cheers.
  9. So what is the best way to contact him?
  10. He is still holding my datsun 510. :'D
  11. Hey guys. I've been inactive lately, so I'm kinda out of touch. Is cham2020 still around? Seems like difficult to contact him.
  12. Sad news. My condolences to his family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.
  13. Got my sought after Twin Mill, a coupla Speed Machines and 2 VWs Squarebacks. And also the gold & chrome VW Drag buses from last Sunday, in their new home.
  14. So yea, here's some of the hauls I have bought previously, but just didn't take photo. I actually have lots more. Sorry for the shitty phone camera quality.
  15. Twin Mill........ ;_____________;
  16. Yay! 1 pair of Gold & Chrome bus for me! Can't wait!
  17. Bro. Gold & Silver still available?
  18. A '64 Ford Falcon Sprint Sort of a small production error. Car placed in reverse direction. For sale or trade.
  19. I did some last minute grocery shopping today. Decided to check out TRU and scored some nice hauls. Sorry for the crappy image.
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