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  1. Hi Legends!!!! Hope this site never die again...... Hope to see u guys later in the future
  2. anybody did any recent hauls???? its been a long time....or u guys have a new forum??
  3. Username : xyflo Real Name (*optional) : Muhammad Ariff Favorite HW designer : - Age (*optional) : 30 Collecting since : child (dump most of it or given away), got married - started back Favorite castings : Super cars Range of collection : Mixed - just started Other Collections : Matchbox
  4. if mcm ni kena tgk dulu laaa br leh beli.... aku still on work laaaa bro...cuti 18hb-21hb nnt... inshaAllah akan pegi sana laaa
  5. bro..baju ni standard size ke?? risau if amik XL nnt sempit plak mcm baju tshirt biasa kat kedai...asian size eh??
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