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  1. the fast fish is a T-hunt!
  2. I think it's great!! i have the panel also so this is a must have! If you have a spare one let me know I would love to get it! Gr Marco
  3. WOW thats a cool one!!! HTF nice gr Marco
  4. the nissan350Z is so cool!!
  5. can you PM me the price of set 1 please? Thanks gr Marco
  6. Do you want to buy it or sell it? if you want to sell it please PM me the price you want! Gr Marco
  7. wow the mooneyes 8 crate in yellow is super!!
  8. I like the Mad propz in the back ground! Gr Marco
  9. the fords are both an error! 1-( above one) the decal isn't right placed 2 - (below) wrong wheel in front! Great!! Gr Marco
  10. they don't come to europe also, so it's an E-pay haul!
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