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  1. is this highway to hell or stairway to heaven? nice job boss
  2. happy birthday bs king.wish u have a prosper life... bila boleh jumpa idola ni..
  3. I've been thinking about this for a long time. yes it is a good suggestion where it is like a dream come true. but you have to remember, the sales graph for hw stuff in Malays is really low compared to US. sorry to say, Malaysian collectors mostly love jdm and that is why for this past year, the price of jdm have sky-rocketed. Unlike in US, the number of collectors are bigger. A simple ratio for malaysia to US collectors; 1:100. My point is, if we have more number of collectors and all of them does't concentrate only to jdm's, the sales would be higher. Hence, the retailer would be happy to do a collector's day because they now they can sell the item fast. You can see in many places where we have peg warmers that have been sitting there for ages. That is why the retailer have a promo buy 2 free 1 where the free car is a peg warmer. However, this is just my honest opinion.
  4. happy birthday bear. dekat dalam beg yg slalu ko bwk tu make sure xde karipap dalam tu
  5. hahaha...xphm...tayar error? error celah mano?
  6. they are missing the point of having gathering.
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