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  1. the clearance banner is still confusing me - did not see it anywhere!!
  2. An explanation: decompiling = The term "decompiler" is most commonly applied to a program which translates executable programs (the output from a compiler) into source code in a (relatively) high level language which, when compiled, will produce an executable whose behavior is the same as the original executable program. By comparison, a disassembler translates an executable program into assembly language (and an assembler could be used to assemble it back into an executable program). Decompilation is the act of using a decompiler, although the term, when used as a noun, can also refer to the output of a decompiler. It can be used for the recovery of lost source code, and is also useful in some cases for computer security, interoperability and error correction.[1] The success of decompilation depends on the amount of information present in the code being decompiled and the sophistication of the analysis performed on it. The bytecode formats used by many virtual machines (such as the Java Virtual Machine or the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime) often include extensive metadata and high-level features that make decompilation quite feasible. Machine language has typically much less metadata, and is therefore much harder to decompile. Some compilers and post-compilation tools produce obfuscated code (that is, they attempt to produce output that is very difficult to decompile). This is done to make it more difficult to reverse engineer the executable. --- For example, this is what is done to access "future items". Silje
  3. I sent them the message but in my own words. Also reminded them that it was their decision to take away the trading ratings all that time ago and forced the users to form its own forum - and they have no reintroduced it and we had to reapply for the status of Safe Trader, Mentioned that we do not have to be enemies! I noticed the starring out of the forum's name last week when I posted and the link to this forum's safe trader list was just *******. Told them about the stunning competitions on here - they have some every now and again, yes. Tx for this initiative anyway - not sure if we would succeed, but done my bit. Within less than 5 minutes, I received this reply.... Hi, because this site is decompiling our games we cannot add it to petsociety.com decomping the game is agains the TOS. Silje Has any negotiating been entered into? If it is a requirement from their side, why do we not address it on our side and comply? I am working for an organisation and if someone wants to affiliate with us but in the same manner break our rules, we are not going to change our rules to enable the affiliation - the requester must comply (not the other way around). please let us know
  4. really looking cool... so exciting! can't wait to see which are this week only, the food 'mystery'! :scratch:
  5. so curious ... but cannot see the pics on my mobile! how frustrating! thanks anyway, appreciate the efforts. this place rocks!
  6. yip, sounds exciting... something to look forward to! Thank you for this reward. :geek:
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