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  1. I have to agree with you its a shame that we are missing Taco and Taia Decotura. I thought they would be here because only recently we are getting Queen, Funny Car Mater and Kimura Kaizo.. By the way my latest report... 28/3/2013 It was reported that the following was spotted (not sure location):- Hudson Hornet McQueen and Sally (with accessories) Tolga Trunkov and Tubbs Pacer Airport Mater and Holley Still no sign of 2013 singles or other numbered cars from the 2012 theme..
  2. 16th February Findings KLIA have the following -2013 2 packs -Acer w Torch -Celine Dephare Sunway Pyramid -Parkson, Aeon, ToyRus nothing interesting Robinsons (Gardens) -Those who collect light and sound might be interested at Sarge. That is the only place i seen selling it. ToyRus (Curve) -Don Crumlin and Kabuto x3 all sold out (it was pretty fast) I will check today whether they restock or not ------------------------------------------------ 13th March Findings Parkson -Mack, Ivan Mater, Kabuki Mater, Dinoco Helicopter Aeon -Dustin Mellows, Red, Dinoco Helicopter, Kabuki Mater ToyRus -Red, Al Oft, Lightning Storm McQueen -Acer w Torch on some outlets
  3. Sorry for the bump. moderators merge if you think is necesasry. Just to report my recent findings:- Parkson have new 2 packs. They are on new card design which is white in colour. Apparently, Cars is back. Diecast from the first movie is back in this new card design. New -Bruno Motoreau (Cars 2) -Austin Littleton (Cars 2) Re-release -Darrell Cartrip and Bob Cutlass (Cars) -Tex and Mrs The King (Cars) Aeon have new cars on the old card. I found Acer w Torch. EDIT 9th February Findings ToyRus are getting new cars. I found Don Crumlin (#31) and Kabuto (#35 Re-release) 12th February Findings Don Crumlin and Kabuto found at Aeon
  4. same here spotted funny car mater, kimura kaizo and queen at aeon and tru of midvalley robinsons having light and sound crew chief sarge. that is the last known case for the light and sound series.
  5. trueno, Thanks for all your info. It was good. For those who are hunting for Funny Car Mater, Kimura Kaizo and The Queen you can always try going to Giant.
  6. I think many Cars got canned because of Cars 2. Maybe now with the merge of both lines we might be able to see many more wonderful cars from Toons.
  7. Thanks for the kind tips my friends. Yes, i found Mater Hawk. I got it from TRU there is also a Burnt Autonaut McQueen (Variation). They are both from the same wave. Please take note. Some TRU is selling it at 49.90 and some is selling it at 39.90. The AEON at 1utama still have lots of Aviator McQueen and Autonaut McQueen (Space McQueen). One of the TRU i visited yesterday had restocked with Pope and Pope Mobile. I didn't know Funny Car Mater was in Malaysia? When did you get that? It should also come with the Japanese Sumo Referee - Kimura Kaizo. They are in the same case. I guess i should start hunting cars at Tesco. If that is the case we are still missing Taia Decotura and Taco Mater. I hope we will get them eventually. The latest singles we are having now is no.27 Mel Dorado. I am wonder will we ever see the remaining one.
  8. where to find new disney cars in KL? it is like almost 1 year i could not find anything new any stores that i can visit?
  9. I ought to agree with you, it seem like collectors all over the world shares the same thoughts on mattel. Yeah, is a shame that Mattel did not complete the toons line. The toons like got lots of potential but they sparingly released afew cars from each shot. Some even went missing as shown from the collector guide. I very sakit hati... few weeks ago i get the 2012 collector poster from jusco but 99% 2012 new models yet to available here. We are only getting case A of 2012.. 10 months since we last seen new deluxe but Singapore have since then gotten 5 new deluxe....and many more new 2012 cars. Is not like it doesnt sell. They sell but sigh....
  10. Race-o-Rama is a pretty old line Not as old as some of your desert series... but is pretty hard to find.. Sometimes you can still find some Cab with ROR cardback The space line is the new series call Take Flight.. The best one will soon available It is called Aviator Mater (The scene where Mater learns how to fly from Air Mater) Nice collection you have there
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