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  1. Hi & Welcome! :-) Your question, you're referring to this specific BMW 2002 car is it? It can be found in all the usual store supposedly, just that it may or may not be there.. :-) On the other hand, you can try the flea market @ amcorp mall, or anyone here who may have extras to sell/trade. cheers~ Thanks mortfish...i already found the bmw 2002 yesterday:)
  2. hai all im new here hope can learn from u all
  3. hai everyone im the new collector for the HW, i would like to know where the place i can find this HW cars tq
  4. Username : sharilazwar Real Name (*optional) : aiwa Favorite HW designer : still new and need to find Age (*optional) : 26 Collecting since : this year Favorite castings : anything who is seen gorgeous Range of collection : do not yet Other Collections : nil
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