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  1. JasonB

    PMC Garage

    Thanks guys. I'm still really new in this, got this car when i was in Australia earlier last month. Love the details and sculpt. I take photos of my other collections as well. If you guys don't mind you can pop by "Plastic Men Club" on Facebook to have a look. Will get more HW shots of my other cars when i get them.
  2. JasonB

    PMC Garage

    Hi HWC Malaysia! I'm new to collecting HW. Fell in love with my first HW car, the Nissan 2000 GT-R. Here are some pics of it and hopefully more to come.
  3. Hello HW collectors! Username : JasonB Real Name (*optional) : Jason Favorite HW designer : Jun Imai Age (*optional) : 32 Collecting since : 2014 Favorite castings : Classic Range of collection : JDM, European & Classic Other Collections : Star Wars, Marvel, Lego
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