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  4. v1.9.0 Updated to include the database entries from the Cretaceous Predator Pack.
  5. You have been added to the VIP Members group.
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  7. My fav animal or fish is a oscar or any large cichilds
  8. It also includes a hack that adds the missing Guest folders to the pack so that zoo visitors can see the animals.
  9. I got one question: What does the Argentina hack do?
  10. Since there has been no reply, I am locking this topic.
  11. Since there has been no reply, I am locking this topic.
  12. Welcome to both of you to the VIP Members group.
  13. Big fan of corgis! Not a big fan of gooses. 😉
  14. i have hundreds of fave animals but my top 2 faves are smilodons and Bengal tigers
  15. The golden pheasant has been my favourite animal since i was little.
  16. The section is open again for new VIP Members.
  17. There has been updates to 3 of animals.
  18. There were some issues, but they sure be all fixed now.
  19. v1.8.1 Updated to include the extra database entries for the Marine Species Pack and assorted new database entries.
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  21. @lgcfm quote: The first post have been updated.
  22. Bog Pack Rock Fix - Bog Pack Adder Fix -
  23. Some screenshots have been added.
  24. v1.7.10 Updated Database Entries for new paths and pylons from the free decorations update.
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