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Malaysian Retail HW - various (UPDATE #2 - 2012 June 09) - CLOSED and REDIRECT to fresh topic

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(THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT. WONT BE UPDATING THIS TOPIC, will "redirect" to newer hw sales topic)
Hi everyone.
Closing the hot-rod and hot-rodded topic, because;
1. It is apparent that they are more than hot rods.
2. It is apparent that I am waaaay out of league when it comes to collections and for sales/trade of most of the members here.
3. I am probably stuck with lotsa them without finding a new home.
4. My collection is probably Only worthwhile for true-blue newbies, not for battle-scarred vets like most of you here.

So, I would post HW for trades only those that are considered worthy for this forum, and 'moved' those 'common stuff' to other online media.

A. boulevard series Double Demon in blue. Carded.
B. Boulevard series 55 Lincoln Futura Concept in pearl white. Carded (GONE)
C. Boulevard series Golden Submarine in red/grat. Carded.
D. Vintage Racing 74 Chevrolet Vega Pro Stock "Grumpy's Toy" in base white. Loose.
E. Garage 65 Mercury Comet Cyclone "Thee Psycho Psyclone" in base white. Loose. (GONE)
F. 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia in red (loose), white (carded).
G. 2012 Ferrari California FTE in red. 1 loose 1 carded.
H. 2011 Ferrari FF in red. Loose.
I. 2009 Ferrari Racer GTS Quattrovalvole (GONE), Scagliatti, Dino 246GT. Considered Loose.
J. Speed Machine Ferrari 550 Maranello. Considered loose.
H. Mini Challenge in blue. Carded.
J. Lamborghini Reventon in orange. Carded.
K. Ford mustang gt 2012 with additional lower front lip spoiler (error/rare?). Carded. (GONE)
L. DC Comics original - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Joker, Luthor. Carded.

Guess the above will be of interest. cheers, Z

p/s: thought to want to drop by at Citta and bring along these 100+ cars (HW and others), but not am not sure...dont want to embarass myself...

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Hi All.

Many many thanks for the warm reception for this first-timer at Citta Mall McD gathering (8 to 9 June 2012). Overwhelmed with lotsa cool and 'unobtainable' stuff... (thanks bro for letting me hold the 40th anniv bone shaker, really cool one that).

Thanks to all who supports by pickin up a piece or two from me..(guys, wish I have your name/callsign to thank you here...).

But most all, cheers for the cool collectors 'attitude'...dont care who you are, so long as you collect and cherish HW (and other brands too..)

Wish there were offroad stuff for me to pick up from you...perhaps next time (aiyah..cool NEX mad propz...but got buyer already...sigh tongue )

Thanks for clearing up a few of my stock...like I said, am not there to make tons of profit, but to be part of an elite group..thanks again.

Update: lincoln futura, psycho psyclone, 308 quattro valvole, mustang gt 'error' no longer available. They are with their new ' dads' now Smile

Added: speed machine panoz gtr-1, porsche 911 gt nightburnerz 11 red, acura nsx three variants from 2011/2012, subaru impreza thrill racers 2011.

Once again...terimakasih, xie xie, nandri, makasih, danke... Smile

(bro...naik moto tu elok2..ngeri tengok...wishing you full recovery soon)

(raymond...one battery dropped in the basket bro...sorry ah)

(uncle chia...we keep intouch ya? Thanx for thw encouragement)

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Hi All.

Did 'promise' someone not to upload pics for stuff for sales/trade...but rabbit

That's all. Cheers.

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Thank you sir.

Guess being in JB...'sempoi' je lah for you to cross that little bit of water for a much wonderful stuff slightly further south grin
(you probably have posted elsewhere regards this...)

...envy u bro...envy envy... Smile

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Zedd_68 wrote:
...envy u bro...envy envy... Smile

mmg suma org envy Abg Sahama..................... tonguetongue

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