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A mix of new and vintage

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vintage via trade (once again, my thanks to Musclemania)..a few pics so far, will snap the other castings later

1973 Superkings Ford LTS (Cab only, tanker missing)...good choice for me to muck it up with my two left thumb Laughing for instance, all the stickies tampos are now GONE....a bit of clearcoat stripping next, then...dunno we see how it goes...

1986 MBX Volvo 760 Superfast...i guess they still have enough budget to do openable something back then

a color shifter, metal body and chassis/base...57 Chevy Superfast (made in Macau)

(rear change to pink)

a Made-In-France majorette, VW Golf GTI

NOW for some post-2000 ones;

Hummer H3 National Park

Ford Focus

Jeep Rescue Concept

The new Real Working Rig casting, Jungle Expedition Truck

Maisto funky VW Beetle Very Happy

MBX Route Master

MBX Bronco FE (WHite) and Smart Cabrio green

Siku VW Amarok (wolf in Inuit Wink )

Siku VW T5

Siku Porsche 911 Carrera S (shown the latest acquisition)

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Like the Routemaster bus.. thumbsup

Do you get that Routemaster, HW Bronco, MBX Smart Cabrio from peg??

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Hi red, bronco n smart from pegs. Route master trade with bro Musclemania (thanks Chen...do them again next time Smile )

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