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  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all member of HWCM..
  2. redsk

    Red haul of the day

    Collective haul today with new wave model already appear here... Some hot model no longer there..
  3. Toys R Us shop - selling all range toys including Hot Wheels
  4. redsk

    New Variation

    alamak, tak ada tayar la..mungkin nanti dia pasang tayar getah
  5. redsk

    Red haul of the day

    today received parcel, thanks to fsrlism
  6. Sweet.. Notice the sticker on the left. Was it placed by Giant itself? Never seen this before at any other Giant.
  7. redsk

    Red haul of the day

    Must be a lot of new haul..
  8. redsk

    Red haul of the day

    Look like the new wave arrival had slowed down. Managed to get this together, Its time also to get some hotbox for storage, was looking for nice model also, but not much good selection available today..
  9. AEON dont have anymore, new year sale already ends..they even put free gift stock for sale..
  10. Mazda Furai too. Finally Aeon Equine Park stock up 2013 model...that is the first wave
  11. nasib baik tak collect model ni..
  12. No red camaro?? would love to see wheel swap on that model..
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