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  1. from midvalley yesterday? Congratz!!!
  2. pa la pa pa pa... im lovin it!!
  3. oh my gosh.. loke, the camaro police car really nice!!
  4. huileng


    how much for the red dragon?
  5. 2011 Gallardo RM10 each 10 available 2011 Nissan Skyline RM10 each 4 available
  6. I now found the bat but where is the CLK gone??
  7. I like that 1955 Corvette. the front of car look like its smilling. and i love happy cars...
  8. huileng

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    The bus, the elcamino, the curiousity, all I want lar....
  9. No idea wa atari is. Mayb. Don hv childhood
  10. Thanks but I'm not so active in FB bcus my mom added me there. My private life gone. Cant help to laugh at this
  11. Lucky i ddnt do smthg spoilt image.... But we nvr meet before yesterday rite?
  12. Which one is the hidden one?
  13. Haha, Zedd, what time u being at MV? Should find me in ladies dept.. haha.. cant resists those cheap dresses n shoessssss....
  14. Is this a post from someone who concentrate on her study... hahahhaha..Yet another proof that Hot wheels are poisonous.. Hahaha. As long as my bf wont saw this post...
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