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  1. fablokejw

    2013 haul

    Hi,have not been posting for so long L case fresh (INFO NO TH CAN BE TRACED IN SG) Some N case And a lot of L case abt 5% chance of N case
  2. Anyway congrats. Btw honesty saying is sg have not been getting new stocks for the past few days. And finally got it on Friday but is F E n L n J case....
  3. fablokejw

    2013 haul

    $uper tundra Hardest 10 rating difficulty haul today
  4. fablokejw

    2013 haul

    Most recent GSS hauls new place n super TH JEM Jurong east mall robinsons opening Rare N case haul! More rancheros supers Buicks purple.... ^^
  5. Yup it is Ytd bump into him and we witnessed the scene
  6. fablokejw

    2013 haul

    Yup it is! Thanks guys.
  7. fablokejw

    2013 haul

    Hi guys,been awhile since the last time I post. Currently there is a buy 2 get 1 free promo going around singapore and I found some latest waves today happen to be in a perfect place New wave K case Today caught startrek since been a while
  8. Super congrats Joshua!
  9. Sorry guys,can I post a bad experience here? Coz is not related abt HW Today 29/5 at 11+ at giant tampines, I was waiting patiently n quietly for the newer batch of HW stocks,than suddenly, the same guy appear few months I posted earlier but I do not want to mention his name. He came n lecture me Dono what his problem is.... Than i wait awile than he blame me everything for the stocks for not coming in. I never even mention or say anything at all lo than he force me to call my parents for dono whatever reason... Than I say I never do anything than he pull me behind and try to assault me and I kept saying I did not do anything wrong than I go off and i feel uncomfortable abt this worst experience abt him for the 2nd time. I swear I don wan to c his ***** face anymore already infront of me. I cannot even let go this experience for the whole day. _________________ Happy collecting,hauling n posting. Anything pls PM here or my FB. Cheers!
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