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  1. hwcars

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    I came back as I am excited a black 24 Ours will be available very soon! I wish a Lamborghini countach will be available in a basic car card someday .
  2. hwcars

    Haul a Smokey

    Maybe that is my first blvd . Good one !
  3. hwcars

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    The other 2 friends no find super.
  4. Congrats! Chance upon thunt.
  5. hwcars

    2013 haul

    if anyweek u Loke dun get any good finds then I will be surprise ! congrats ! Haha ... You also !!! Cheers
  6. hwcars

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    Bro this is the latest mbx which I saw too. But not in taka. Cheers!
  7. hwcars

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    Yes bro from giant. Heard 40 cases were there during that opening. 12pm? 2 collectors and myself were there around 3-4 pm . But I am glad a red super was found inside this bin.
  8. Bro Congrats! N case spotted yesterday by Loke info . ... new Matchboxes spotted too. There is 1 pcs I like very much. Feel free to contact Loke for the mb info. I have already send him photos.
  9. Thanks bro for the info! Interesting! I think if you are a Japanese car fans, very likely you will collect Tomica first.
  10. hwcars

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    W Bro jack , have u bought any Toyota gt2000 ?
  11. Bro may I know what is nice about Tomica cars? Hopefully nx week got N or latest P case. But all bros sg promotion has ended and I think it is better to buy from online which is of a more favourable price. Or wait for future discount than buy. USA Hw collector is the best. u only need to pay at around $1+ per car !!!
  12. Hardly see N case now. Maybe I never hunt these few weeks.
  13. Wow! Bro Lsk, nice find. Nx time see on pegs must take a closer look.
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