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David Cook VIP experience Scrapbook page

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Hi, I know I haven't been here in a really long time, but you totally made my day ~ see WN# thread if you are curious ~ So I thought I'd share a digital scrap layout that I made about my VIP meeting with David during the This Loud Morning Tour in Reno, NV in 2011.

The text reads: I was so excited to have a VIP ticket at the Reno David Cook concert. I asked David to sign my Shackette Membership Card and he said ok. He started reading my card, and I said 'You can read it if you want.' Each card is tailored to the recipient, so basically mine talks about how I love David Cook. It says, 'Loves David Cook, Is a very good listener to her fellow Shackettes. Loves David Cook. Is fond of Slinkies. Loves David Cook. Is partial to heavy guyliner, guitar violence, and oh yeah, she loves David Cook.' He said he loved it and commented on some of the stuff it said. I am so glad Christina got a picture of him reading the card. I will always treasure that. I am so glad that I have kept my Shackette Card in my wallet for the almost three years since I got it. I didn't plan to have him sign it, it just worked out that way. Just like everything that happened at the Meet and Greet actually...

Layout creds: Trixie Scraps Designs Bring On The Rain, Jen C Designs New Strt, Designs By Colie's Corner Life's A Stage, A+ Designs Brighter Than The Sun, Connie Prince Hope and Faith, Little Mister Wonderful, These Are The Best Days Of Your Life, The Art of Savoir Faire, Etc. by Danyale Wish List Alpha, Wish List Bits

Hope you enjoy!

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