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  1. I know ive been quiet on here lately but was great to see everyone on the weekend. just like to share the news that next year on the 16th of june i will be a dad. We had the first scan today and everything looks good.
  2. Top and bottom ones are videos click on them to play lol
  3. 2 videos and pictures to be uploaded soon. uploading them from the phone now haha. BEWARE STRONG LANGUAGE!
  4. Sounds good to me, id be up for that!
  5. Right as you well know stue11 got a picture of me when i was having my tattoo and posted it on facebook. Well hes having another 3 hours on his leg tonight my aim is to get a picture or maybe a sneaky video of the pain hes gunna be in.
  6. Well done mate, she looks mint think you had a great buy there!
  7. Dave you killing that bike with all this luggage should of got a pan euro lol!or a gold wing! but that is cheap buy there!
  8. looks great dude, thought it was daves thread by the title name
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