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  1. I know now after speaking to him last night I bet it wasn't via text lol there is more chance of you remembering your wallet
  2. Not anymore. He got rid of it. I know now after speaking to him last night I bet it wasn't via text
  3. Not anymore. He got rid of it.
  4. I've worn glasses since the age of 8. I'm now 43 and have never had an issue wearing them whilst riding or getting them on and off when I have my helmet on. I think it's something you just get used too. I have 3 pairs. 1 of which are prescription sunglasses and wear any that take my fancy on the day. I wouldn't worry too much about them unless you have an open face helmet or have your visor open all the time.
  5. I've used both and prefer iPhone. But each to their own as Chad said. But then maybe I'm just a fan boy with too much money.
  6. Robbie

    Roof box

    Roof box for sale £40 Good condition, 2 key locks. I have had this quite a few years and used lots of times and still remains waterproof inside. 4 mounting brackets included. Has some scuffs and a few fence paint splash's on the top where I was a little lazy on moving it I'm in Coventry and collection only.
  7. Nice 1 mark , thanks for sorting it I think I am traveling up with Robbie (hope he has the day off ) I have a great route up there , looking forward to it m8 well done Nope, not got the day off but I'm on earlies so will be ready to go from around 12:30pm. Think I already mentioned it a while ago and you were happy leaving then.
  8. My bike had to go to therapy after this...
  9. I was gonna look at RAC or AA for Euro breakdown cover separately for the France trip but they offered a good price for the year. I wasn't interested in the other covers but it's really worked out that I've had them thrown in. It was £199 for the lot and while I was online I removed the helmet and leather cover which was £48. By taking this off the quote then jumped to £299 Like I said earlier by taking all 4 extra's they discounted it by £147.
  10. I've been insured with Bikesure for the past couple of years as these have been the best for me. My insurance is due soon so I did the usual quotes, Carole Nash was out the ball park as usual with a ridiculous quote of £315 fully comp. Anyway the best were as usual Bikesure and surprisingly Bennetts. Now for me Bennetts are normally the same as Carole Nash and come back with a real stupid price but this time they quoted £199 for the whole package. Full European RAC cover, helmet and leather cover, personal accident cover and Legal expense. Now I didn't want any of it except the breakdown cover BUT the quote was cheaper WITH all the extra's than without yeah work that one out. It worked out at a £147 discount when all four items are added. Needless to say I accepted it. I also went through Topcash back website which Bennetts give £26 back after 90 days . I'm never happy when paying insurance but I'm mildly satisfied this time
  11. I was looking a while ago and found this. Although don't think I'll bother now .
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