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Dugong With Remeshed Tail (iba5000)

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Created by: IBA5000
Marine Mania Required

Update 11/4/2009

This is a update that fixes the problem with the stimulation for the Dugong, you might have to put your old Dugongs for adaption because if you zoom out too far the tail will change to the Manatees and if you zoom in it will be the Dugongs, if you download the Dugong before 11/04/2009.

If you place this new one with the simulation fix you will be able to zoom in and out and still have that Dugong tail.

Updated 11/13/09

Dugong is ridable now after you groom the adult Dugong you will see a circle under it allowing you to ride on it.

Updated 11/14/09

Will get message now to swim with Dugong

Updated 01/22/10
Skin Updated/Rarity

This Dugong has the proper tail fin now




Edited by SLGray

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