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Ancient New Zealand Minipack (REMAKE)

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Codes and Skins-Ringo
Moa Mesh-Dudemeister
Skinning Collaboration-Deepca

Requirements: ZT2, African Adventures (eagle), Extinct Animals (puzzles & icons).


MOA REMEASHED AND RESKINED -Temperate Forest-Extinct-3 stars

Temperate Forest-3,5 stars

*The gifts will be send in the Gift Cart instead the Extinct Gift cart.
*The Moa neck becomes longer when it calls or down the head, but it isn't very notable. Leg flashbacks in some processors.
*PAY ATTENTION: The Haast's Eagle won't eat easily, you must first place and keep an artificial carcass. When the levels of hunger and thirsty of the eagle start to increase, you must place meat or a carcass near your eagle. The eagle will eat from the carcass or meat you placed but in the majority of cases, the eagle usually goes to eat in the carcass you place initially. Place also beefs on ice, beefs and Live food, the Eagle also will eat from them. After the Eagle eats, it goes to drink by their self. IT WORKS, anyways sorry for can't fix this, anyways if you do this your eagle never will by hungry or thirsty.

*Special thanks to Ludo and Iben for letting us use their Emu model for the Moa and GLM for letting us use our Eagle.
*It has PUZZLES, LAB CREATION and GIFTS, For more details and pics visit my projects at the Current Projects forum.
*You can get nice NZ foliage at Artifex site, the IE foliage pack.
*You can get nice aviaries for the Eagle in Snowleo's or Sophie's site.


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