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Dino Albinism Variant Pack

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Author:  Koiking

Here is my latest variants pack, Dino albinism, containly albino variants for most of the dinosaurs in EA.

Compatibility: ZT2, EA

Glitches/Notes: no glitches that I know of, but some of the skins have been modified since been show in my projects topic. Might look skins when zoomed out, but there is some detail, but you need to zoom in to see the detail.





Albino Anky variants.z2f Albino Carno variants.z2f Albino Deinonychus variant.z2f Albino Deinosuchus variant.z2f Albino Dimetrodon variant.z2f Albino Kentrosaurus variants.z2f Albino Stego variants.z2f Albino Styracosaurus variants.z2f Albino Trex variants.z2f Albino Triceratops variants.z2f Albino Utahraptor variants.z2f Albino Velociraptor variants.z2f

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