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Whale Shark Variants Update and Resize

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Author:  Koiking

Requires:  ZT2, MM, and ES

Description:  A hack that updates the whale shark, with several new variants. It also resizes the whale shark, so it is bigger.

Glitches and Side Notes: None that I know of, although if it doesn't work, add more Z's to the file's name. Both adoption size and old age size have been increase, but baby size is still the same. Contains updated versions of Koiking's previous whale shark variants, so if you have them, remove them.


Original skins at the back, Koiking's variants at the front.

The original adoption size of the whale shark, was more or less the same size as the great white.

Download Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?gnnmp20tv4hcuuj

Hashtags: #Koiking #Ulquiorra #WhaleShark #Variants #Resize #MarineMania #EndangeredSpecies

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