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DeleteThe Poop And Trash And Get Paid For Doing It

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Designer:  Killers2

Requires:  ZT2 and any expansion - May need ES for compost included hack.

Language:  English/Any

Delete the Poop Hack
This does 3 things:
1. It allows you to delete poop and trash using the construction icon (bulldozer).
2. It pays you $100.00 for each pile of poop or piece trash you delete.
3. Removes the bad smell from poop and trash and the compost building!

Now no matter how much poop is in a exhibit animals will not complain about being in a dirty exhibit and neither will the guest, and of course no "this trash stinks or dirty zoo" messages either! Money will show up under recycling.

Note: This is not a bug, but you will not get paid for poop or trash cleaned up by Staff unless you place a compost building. Now I have used version 2 of the compost building's file so you may need ES in order to use that hack. But you can always try and see!


MD5: 7e2996dfdb2c119fa5011474f319cc57
Contains only the files necessary to delete poop and trash and will work for any EP.

MD5: d708715f7e9a0ee4102c91b970d69fb4
Contains the files necessary to delete poop and trash as well as remove the odor from the compost building. This hack may require ES to work.

X880_200.z2f X880_201.z2f

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