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No Rampage Hack

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Creator:  Killers2

Requires:  ZT2, EA, MM, AA, and ES

Language:  any

This does exactly what it says. It prevents any animal capable of Rampaging from being able to rampage, including user made Dino's.
Dino's will still get mad, fight, kill, get sick all the usual, but they will not try to destroy your zoo in Rampage mode. I personally love my Dino's but get real tired of having to tranquilize one every 20 min., also guest really don't like it when Dino's rampage either. This hack puts and end to that.

Now: Because of this you cannot receive the 'Dino Safety Award'.
That's not a bug but a direct result of this hack. Dino's don't rage - you can't tranq one - no 'Dino Safety Award'.
I personally do not consider that a sacrifice at all, but it may be necessary for you to remove this hack before playing certain campaign's, I don't know, I've never played any of them myself.
If you need the 'Dino Safety Award' you can drop a Dino in a bad exhibit, let him Rampage, tranq. him and get the award, save the game add this hack, and then go back to your game.





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