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Halter Horse

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Thank you for downloading the Halter Horse. Halter
Horses are used for showing. They are well trained and are very
popular with zoo guests.

"Move the .ztd file into the dlupdate (and not
dupdate) folder if one exists in your Zoo Tycoon
folder; otherwise move the .ztd file into the Updates
folder that is in the Zoo Tycoon folder."

The default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Zoo

Thank you to Fern and Jay for their invaluable
guidance, and expertise. And,to Caddie for his
expertise in game testing.


Creator/Designer/Author: JohnT

Original Creator: JohnT recoloring of zt in game

Przewalski's horse.

Date: 01 July 2011

Category: Real Animal

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: No warnings or errors.

Requirements: ZT1 or CC

Location: Non-Exclusive

Halter Horse description:

Minimum happiness needed for chance of breeding: 96.

Liked foliage:

Broadleaf Bush

Liked rock:

Large Rock, Small Rock - Medium, Small Rock - Small

Animal can jump. Animal can climb cliff.

Number of animals allowed per exhibit: 3-20 with 15
squares each.
A suitable exhibit for 3 of this animal has 45 squares
containing terrain of:
31 Grass, 5 Dirt, 7 Gray Stone, 2 Fresh Water

using 1 grid squares filled with 4 Broadleaf Bush most
liked plant
and using 4 Small Rock - Small most liked rock.

Of the 45 squares, 1 nonadjacent squares should be
Preferred shelter: Large Stable.

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?80ayrogbcrbxv33

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