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Shadow Walker

Third Anniversary Zoo

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Title: Third Anniversary Zoo, Agia Napa, Cyprus

Author: Melissa Macunado (Shadow Walker)

Language: English

Requirements: Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection + usermade expansions: "Beach Resort Theme" by Jane; "50 States of America"; "Natural Ponds" by Brandi; "Waterfalls Combined"; "Pond Pack"; "Tek rock combined"; "Low fences combined"; "Super Hack"; JohnRN1's creations (Megalodons, Merfolk, King crabs)

Description: This seaside zoo was made for a special occasion: Zoo Tycoon Wildlife's third anniversary. This explains why I went mad with usermade objects and so on. It it is a fictional zoo located on south-east shore of Cyprus, in the bustling seaside resort Agia Napa. If I could choose only one place to go on holiday forever, I would choose Cyprus. Not to mention wonderful culture and historical heritage of the place, but also people and wildlife. That's why this zoo is located in Agia Napa.

It consists of several exhibits: there are five tanks with merfolk, megalodons, king crabs, green sea turtles and bluefin tunas. Also, there are six "normal" (land and water) exhibits with saltwater crocodiles, hippos, african warthogs, dromedary camels, californian sea lion and greater flamingos. The list of species is intentional as the zoo features two main biomes: the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Cyprus. I used Jane's and Brandi's objects to create Agia Napa's suburbs before it turned into a bustling seaside resort. That's why there is also a small port and a bay. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take screenshots combining this zoo as a whole, so instead of that I post numerous screenshots of different parts of the island.

There is a small market near the tavern, from which you can view astonishing waves. For children I built a minizoo; for now it consists of vietnamese pigs (due to the lack of those on my hard disc I used warthogs instead) and dromedary camels. Hope you will expand this happy farm! The guests are able to swim in several parts of the sea (don't miss this occassion to sunbathe on famous Nissi Beach before it turns crowded with tourists!), it doesn't matter they choose a luxurious ship, cute rentboats or a canoe. Of course, one can also swim in a swimsuit. There's a hotel with a restaurant and a cozy villa for rent. Next to the lighthouse, an old, marine-themed inn greats newcomers exhausted by their memorable trip to the zoo. Do you want do taste something special? The staff is at your service!

You can see the building process by opening *.zoo files in chronological order. Everything is named like this: 3A_month_Yx.zoo, where Y and the number explains which year it is and month - well, you can probably solve this puzzle yourself. Feel free to expand this zoo, but please do not upload it again without my written permission. I'd like to thank all usermade objects' creators, especially JohnRN1 and Jane.
Oh, one more thing. Keep your eyes open on the merfolk exhibit. They breed like Hell. Have a nice stroll through our zoo!


Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?8u9arhy5cxotl16

Location: Non-exclusive

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