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Tamara Henson

The Dragonriders of Pern, Expansion Pack

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The Dragonriders of Pern, Expansion Pack

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: This pack would not have been possible without the use of meshes designed by DinosaurMan, Kangorillophant, BioHazard, and Artifex.

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains creatures and items inspired by the science fiction stories of Anne McCaffrey. It consist of nine animals, several items, and a filter.

The animals include the domestic and wild wherry (both based on a mesh by DinosaurMan. The firelizard, Pernese dragon (in four color/size combinations), and watchwher (all based on meshes by Kangorillophant). And the Pernese Feline. The items also include a small animal house displaying a trundle bug, tunnel snake, and whersport.

The items include a couch for your dragons to sleep on, fire-breathing dragon fountain (yes it spouts fire instead of water), a firelizard flowerpost (courtasy of Artifex, thank you Penguinman), Pern themed arches, a bathroom, a trashcan, and a resteraunt that serves pernese food including Bendon wine.  

Live food in the form of a herdbeast (pernese cow)and ovine (sheep) are also provided to provide amusement for your carnivores. Live food is based on the food from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis by Blue Tongue Games and imported to ZT2 by BioHazard.

Bugs: Occasionally the dragons, the firelizards and wild wherry may become eggbound. That is the animal's birth gauge is fully red but the animal wanders around aimlessly and the game tells you it is pooping. Just put the animal in a crate then release it. The animal should then lay it's eggs as normal.

The dragons have a glich that is oddly appropriate considering the source material. When approaching a fence the animal may dissapear then reappear randomly somewhere else  in the park. They may even teleport into other cages to eat the occupants than quickly teleport back in their cage! I lost several guinea pigs that way until I caught the white dragon resposible.

Requirements: African Adventures :AA: is needed for all the animals exceppt the Feline and Live food which need Endangered Species :ES: Any expansion pack should allow all the other items to work.

The Mineral Chow(firestone)from Dragon Dreams and Paranoia's Blood food is not requiured but nice to have as the dragons are coded to eat them as well as meat.


Pernese dragons, firelizards (the tiny ones) and the wyer couch. Yes you can ride the dragons!


Watchwher: a flightless (though it can glide very short distances) relative of Pern's dragons. yes you can ride them too!

Domestic Wherry: A funny, flightless giant turkey critter that guest love.

Wild wherry: a vulture-like predator.

Pernese feline: a genetivally engineered big cat derived from crossing cheetahs and lions.

Heardbeast and ovine live food items:

A Small animal house containing a tunnel snake, whersport, and trundle bug!

A Pern themed restaurant serving Bendon wine, klah, meatrolls, steak, roast wherry, red-fruit, and bubbly pies.

The fire-breathing dragon fountain!

A cute flower post with blue firelizards flapping among the flowers. Thank you Penguinman for the use of the Artifex model.

And various items

Domestic Wherry.z2f Firelizard.z2f Pern Items.z2f Pern Live Food.z2f Perndragon Green & White.z2f Perndragon_Green & Blue.z2f Perndragon_Green & Brown.z2f Perndragon-Bronze & Gold.z2f Pernese Feline.z2f Watchwher.z2f Wild Wherry.z2f Wyer Couch.z2f ZZZZ-PERN Filter.z2f

Edited by SLGray
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