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Tamara Henson

Giant Sable Antelope Re-Skin

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Name: Giant Sable Antelope Re-Skin

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: Blue Fang

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: One of the neatest things about the sable antelope is that the species is sexually dimorphic with black males and tawny-gold females. Unfortunately the default skins for both sexes in Zoo Tycoon 2 are a sort of purplish-brown. This pack contains a more accurate skin for your giant sables. The males are now a glossy black with tawny ears and the females golden. In addition the horns are now the correct deep-grey instead of the yellow color of the original.

Requirements: ES


x999_Giant Sable Reskin.z2f

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