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Tamara Henson

Steppetundra Biome

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Creator:  Tamara Henson

Original Creator: Me

Requires:  Penguinman's Biome Shell, EA

Public Domain:  Yes you can make animals or plants for this biome, it is zbiome10 for Designing purposes.

Language:  English

Bugs: The rocks must be placed manually and may not be picked up and moved once placed.

Not a bug but the biome uses the slot for the never finished beach biome (zbiome10) so must be added to the short biome shell. It works with the original biome shell with no problem.

Description:  Steppetundra is a very rare biome found only in a few places in Alaska and Siberia today. During the ice Age however it was the primary biome in the northern hemisphere and is called the Mammoth steppe due to it being the primary habitat of that extinct elephant.

The steppetundra biome has frozen permafrost for soil, wind-dried grass for ground cover, and pebbled shores due to run-off from the great glaciers of the age.

The biome comes with reindeer lichen and mammoth grass as the main flora. An extinct flower(sylene stenophylla) and subspecies of Black Spruce can be placed for historical exhibits.

It contains a hack transferring the following original Blue Fang Steppetundra biome...

Short-faced bear
Sabre-toothed cat
Bush Antlered Deer
Cave Lion
Wooly Rhinoceros

In addition the moose and caribou are also coded to live in this biome.


Steppetundra Biome.zip

Edited by SLGray
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