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Shadow Walker

Polar Paradise Zoo by Shadow Walker: a workbench with custom scenario...

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Title: Polar Paradise Zoo

Author: Melissa Macunado (Shadow Walker)

Language: English

Bugs: No known bugs, if you find a glitch, please report it via PM and/or e-mail (both given in my contact bar).

Requirements: Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection + usermade expansions: Cave Shelter; "50 States of America" (combined); "ZooTek Rock Formations" (combined); "ZooTek Waterfalls" (combined); Endangered Animals Center; ZooTek Lodge; "Winter Resort Pack" (combined); Holiday Tree; "Wild Animal Rest Pack" (combined); Bigger Bear House; Smaller Bear House; Research Hack. All necessary files can be found on Zoo Tycoon Wildlife download site, ZooTek Phoenix and John's Creations.

Description: This special scenario was made especially for the current anniversary of the forum. See if you can successfully run the first zoo in Rovaniemi, Finland. Deadline? Six months from the date you get the keys to the gate. Objectives? Get at least nine exhibits for cold-loving animals. Make sure you take at least 80% of the Animals' Happiness, 65% of the Guests' Happiness and 70% of the Zoo stats. You must buy at least 2 specimens of the following species: Pacific Walrus; Polar Bear; Tundra Gold-Wing Dragon; Yeti. Also, buy at least 4 specimens of the following species: Whooly Mammoth; Arctic Wolf; Reindeer; Smilodon; Emperor Penguin. The exhibits for them have already been pre-prepared, you only have to finish them and put the animals into proper exhibits. The names are random, but they're going to give you a lot of unexpected results...

Once you get your zoo thrilling and succeed in running it through six months, a comittee consisting of most devoted staff members of Zoo Tycoon Wildlife, John's Creations and ZooTekPhoenix will examine your area.

If they're pleased, you'll gain six months more and a request to acommodate at least 2 specimens of the following species: Bowhead Whale; Mountain Lion; Whooly Rhino; Snow Leopard - and at least 4 specimens of the following species: Beluga; Narwhal; Ibex; American Lion; Arunachal Macaque. And there's a little additional challenge: if you're curious, make an exhibit for 14 penguins and see what happens...

There's plenty of space avalaible. The zoo erected around the suburbs of the city, which now will cater for all your guests' needs. Have fun!

Additional notes: You can see the building process by opening *.zoo files in chronological order. Everything is named like this: Polar Paradise zooth_Yx.zoo, where Y and the number explains which year it is and month - well, you can probably solve this puzzle yourself. The scenario must start by loading the last save: "Polar Paradise zoo June y1d.zoo". Feel free to expand this zoo, but please do not upload it again without my written permission. I'd like to thank all usermade objects' creators, especially JohnRN1, Fern, Brandi and Genki. All necessary files can be found on Zoo Tycoon Wildlife download site, ZooTek Phoenix and John's Creations.

Picture: Screenshots without any postwork can be found here:




















Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ntabsppkxy2szmz

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