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Earth's Eco - Regions

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Designer: Fauna



Expansions Required: EA, MM, ES, RR
Recommended Downloads: Wild China
Bugs (Minor): The button you click for rocks to be placed randomly does not respond. Trees and flowers are fine. The Wild China foliage is not available in biome brush. Wild China animals currently being translated and will be available in the latest update. Indian Peafowl's biome has yet to be changed. Will be as soon as possible.



Expansions Required: MM, ES, RR



Expansions Required: EA, MM, ES, RR
Recommended Downloads: Sophie's Desert Pack
Bugs (if any): Nothing serious. Desert plants may show desert cover paint, but just paint over this. If you don't understand what i'm saying, don't worry! It is not important and will be fixed!

Download This First:  


Biome Shell: 


"Wild China" Translation and Compatibility Patch: 


Asian Mixed Forest: 


American Desert:  


Eucalyptus Forest:  Broken


Edited by SLGray

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Screenshots of the released eco-regions have been added.

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The attachments have been added.

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The attachment for the "Wild China" Translation and Compatibility Patch has been added.

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