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Duck Pack 2: Endangered Ducks

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Creator:  Koiking


Koiking wrote: GLM for duck models, Tamara Henson for telling me how to edit models and anyone else I can't remember.
Requires:  ES AA MM EA 

Language:  English

Koiking wrote: My second duck pack focusing on more Endangered species of ducks, it contains, a Blue duck, Laysan duck, Philippine duck, white-winged duck, Bernier's Teal and Baer's Pochard. Also included are, a new foliage item, the duckweed as well as a food item duckweed and a land placeable shellfish food, for the pochard and other diving ducks. There is also a minor fix for the call ducks zoopedia entry and a secret duck.

Duck Pack 2: Endangered Ducks


Edited by SLGray

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