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Tamara Henson

Finished Animals Not By Artifex

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Name: Finished Island Excursion Animals

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson and Artifex.

Original Creator: Artifex, permission to download this animal given by Penguinman!

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains the completed version of the three Island Excursion animals given in designer's resources. There are a few minor bugs...

The Cozumel Island Coati: This has only happened once so it may have been a fluke rather than an actual bug but when a coati got attacked by another coati it curled up in a ball and refused to move. Just pick the animal up and when you put it down again it will act normally.

Cuban Hutia and Solenodon: The females are terrible mothers that mostly ignore their young. Just put the mom next to the hungry/thirsty baby and it will then go and eat or drink on its own. The babies will grow up before they starve so this is a minor bug.

Requirements: ES

Cozumel Island Coati:


Cuban Hutia:


Hispanolian Solenodon:


Cozumel Island Coati.z2f Cuban Hutia.z2f Hispaniolan Solenodon.z2f

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