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Prehistoric Marine Reptiles

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Creator: Whalebite

Credits: Hendrix for Textures, Plesiosaur models and animations, OS for Mososaur models, samual for kaiwhekea model

Requires: :MM:  , :EA:  , and WWD Cruel Seas

Language: English


Mauisaurus, New Zealand's Largest Plesiosaurspacer.png

zzzz-whalbit-Mauisaurus haasti.z2f

Moanasaurus, New Zealand's Largest Mosasaurspacer.png

zzzz-whalbit-Moanasaurus mangahouangae.z2f

Kaiwhekea, One Of The Strangest Plesiosaursspacer.png

zzzz-whalbit-Kaiwhekea katiki.z2f


spacer.pngzzzz-whalbit-Taniwhasaurus oweni.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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