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Tamara Henson

The Cats of Middle Earth

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Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: Blue Fang, Hispa Designs (for Serval model used for the Grass Cat), and DinosaurMan for the sabre-tooth mesh and original skin.

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains six great cats native to Middle Earth, a Cliff Lion bouncy ride and two fountains.


Needs ZT2: The snowy white Cliff Lion & the boreal forest Uncia, and items.

Needs ES  :ES: : The pride hunting Highland Lynx & the fierce and intelligent Spotted Lion

Needs AA  :AA: : The eerie Grass Cat

Needs EA  :EA: : The sabre-fanged Chatmoig


Chetmig (Chatmoig, singular. a sabre-fanged mountain cat that uses a long tail to keep its balance when leaping from rock to rock)


Cliff Lions (a solitary white lion from alpine areas)


Grass Cats (a long legged hunter of the plains of Rhohan whose tawny hide sometimes turns an eerie pale green due to being covered with green grass pollen)


Highland Lynxes (a giant, pride hunting lynx found throughout Arda)


Spotted Lions (a puma-like cat with a speckled underside that wars with wolves)


Uncavi (Uncia, singular. A mottled brown cats from the boreal forests and jungles of southern Endor)



Items: A Uncia fountain, a cliff lion fountain, and a cliff lion bouncy ride for the kids!




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