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Tamara Henson

Countries of the World: Great Britain

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Creator:  Tamara Henson

Original Creator: This pack would not be possible without the talents of these peerless designers...Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Hispa Designs, Platypus, Freki, Cosmius, Aurora/ Radical Remake Designers, Fauna/Z-Studios, Zerosvalmont, and Artifex. See screenshots (below) for more detailed credits.

Requires: The following requirements are needed...

ZT2: European items, Billberry goat, European Robin, and Pembroke Welsh corgi.
ES:  Exmoor Pony, Kerry Bog Pony, Kellas Cat, Scottish wildcat, and Scottish red deer.
AA: West European Hedgehog, Eurasian Jay, and European Green Woodpecker.
EA: Chillingham Cattle and European Slow Worm.
MM: Eurasian eel and Grey Seal.

Public Domain:  All but the European robin mesh is public domain, just credit the original designers. All maps, skins and new coding is PD, just give me credit.

Language:  English

Bugs: Chilenlingham cattle are black when first selected but change to actual color once placed. The robin is similar but is white when first selected instead of black. The slow worms and jay have no sick or dirty skins due to the limitations of the coding associated with the models.

Description:  This download includes 15 new British animals, two bouncy rides, a fountain, and a restaurant for your zoo.


1 Bilberry Goat (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Barbary sheep)


2. British Red Squirrel (Cosmius's Indian Giant Squirrel)


3 Chillingham Cattle (Platapus' yak mesh for male, Dinosaurman/Hendrex's Wisent for female and young)


4 European Jay (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European Expeditions v2 Raven)


5 European Eel (Dinosaurman/Henrex's sea snake)


6 European Green Woodpecker (Dinosaurman/Henrex's woodpecker,Yes it pecks wood!)


7 European Robin (Platypus and Freaki's songbird)


8 Exmoor Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra)


9 Grey Seal (Zerosvalmont's leopard seal)


10 Kellas Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex'a European wild cat v2)


11 Kerry Bog Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra)


12 Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Artifex's Tenrec)


13 Scottish Red Deer (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European red deer v2)


14 Scottish Wild Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex's European wild cat v2)


15 Slow Worm (Fauna and Z-studio's giant anaconda v2)


16 Soay Sheep (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Mouflon v2)


17 West European Hedgehog (Hispa Design's echidna)



Tiny Cat Fountain! Made for small areas and it is used by children and adults as a wishing well!


Scottish Red Deer Bouncy Ride

Exmoor Pony Bouncy Ride


Big Ben Pub, serves traditional British food such as ale, crumpets, toad in the hole, and more.



Bilberry Goat.z2f British Red Squirrel.z2f Chillingham Cattle.z2f European Eel.z2f European Green Woodpecker.z2f European Jay.z2f European Robin.z2f European Slow Worm.z2f Exmoor Pony.z2f Great Britain Items.z2f Grey Seal_COTW.z2f Kellas Cat.z2f Kerry Bog Pony.z2f Pembroke Welsh Corgi.z2f Scottish Red Deer.z2f Scottish Wildcat.z2f Soay Sheep.z2f West European Hedgehog.z2f

Edited by SLGray
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New screenshots for the animals have been added.

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