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Tamara Henson

Countries of the World: Peru

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Designer: Tamara Henson

Original Creator:Several designers deserve credit for providing the original models for this pack including Bunyupy for the Peruvian Stream Lizard, Fox, and sea lion; Bunyupy and Zerosvalmont for the Peruvian Night monkey and just Zerosvalmont for the albatross; Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the original models I modified to produce the alpaca and cavies and for the models for the Andian Mountain Cat, marine otter; Dutch Designs for the model modified to make the mantled howler; Hispa designs for the model modified to create the spectral bat; Jannick for the stork model; and Otter Lord and Dragon_Unit911 for the model used for the Northern Pudu.

Requires: most of the animals in this pack just need basic ZT2 but a few need Radical Remakes new biomes. Aves is also needed for the birds. Species that need expansion packs are...

 Endangered Species is needed for the: Peruvian Stream Lizard and Sechuran Fox

 African Adventures is needed for the: Jabiru stork, Mantled Howler, Peruvian Night Monkey, and  Spectral Bat

 Marine Mania is needed for the: Marine Otter, South American Sea Lion, and Waved Albatross

Public Domain:  Yes

Language: English

Bugs: none

Description: 15 animals from Peru in South America, some of which are found nowhere else. Included in this pack are the Alpaca, American Jibiru Stork, Andian Mountain Cat, Cuy Criollos Mejorados, mantled Howler Monkey, Marine Otter, Montane Cavy, Northern Pudu, Peruvian Night Monkey, Peruvian Stream Lizard, Sechuran Fox, South American Sea Lion, Spectral Bat, and Waved Albatross.



American Jabiru Stork

Andean Mountain Cat

Cuy Criollos Mejorados

Manled Howler Monkey

Marine Otter

Montaine Cavy

Northern Pudu

Peruvian Night Monkey

Peruvian Stream Lizard

Sechuran Fox

South American Sea Lion

Spectral Bat

Waved Albatross

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5yhb40956xox3i/COTW_Peru.zip?dl=0

Hashtags#Countries_of_the_World #Peru #Tamara_Henson #bird #albatross #bat #sea #lion #alpaca #fox #lizard #reptile #monkey #primate #pudu #deer #cavy #otter #cat #stork

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