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Tamara Henson

Countries of the World: Namibia Update

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Name: Continent Pack: Namibia Update

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: Artifex & PenguinMan: for the male chacma baboon & rabbit nifs, Robert for rigging the gazelle mesh designed for Wildlifepark 3 and used for the impala, and Maelstrom for identifying the code mistake that made the impala flash.

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack is an update for the Namibia continent pack. In my original download it Maelstrom brought it to my attention that the rabbit was missing. He also told me how to fix the bug in the Impala mesh. As I did not want to chance breaking the link of the original pack (which has happened to me when updating uploads before)I decided to post the links for this update separately.

This download contains the missing Smith's red rock rabbit. I omitted the burrow coding and replaced it with using the shade structure. Now the rabbits no longer have any bugs. As a bonus it also contains a fixed Black-Faced Impala, no more flashing colors!

Requirements: The animals in this pack need only ZT2, though an expansion pack will allow one to see all the variant skins.


Black-Faced Impala.z2f Smith's Red Rock Rabbit.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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