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Tamara Henson

Countries of the World: Brazil

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Countries of the World: Brazil

Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding...

Artifex for the Yapok; Aurora Designs for the Armadillo; Bunyupy for the Hoary Fox; Dutch Designs Primata crew for the Capuchin monkeys, Hispa Designs for the Pantanal Cat; Janneck for the Brocket; Jimmz Hoopaz for the Black Caiman; Stephan Dartevelle for the Capybara; Ulquiorra: Amazonian Bush Dog; Zerosvalmont for the Silky Anteater; and Platypus for the Maguari Stork. The red-tailed Boa, Brazilian Cavy, and Brazilian Porcupine were modified by me from originals by Dinosaurman/Hendrix (with the Wilde China crew for the porcupine).

Requires: AA  African Adventure for the Black-striped capuchin, Blond capuchin, Brazilian Three-banded armadillo, Lowland paca, and Pied tamarin.

ES Endangered Species for the Amazonian bush dog, Gray brocket, Hoary zorro, Maned sloth, Pacarana, and red-tailed boa.

Public Domain: No for the Gray brocket and Lowland Paca; Yes for the rest but credit the original designers for the mesh.

Language: English

Bugs:  The silky anteater may climb up trees or monkey climbing toys for several minutes before resting and climbing down.

Description: This pack contains nineteen animals native to the country of Brazil. Some of these animals (such as the monkeys) exhibit new climbing behavior to enhance your zoo. The Brazilain cavy also contains a hack which fixes the behavior of my Guinea Pig download.


Amazonian Bush Dog

Black Caiman

Black-Striped Capuchin

Blond Capuchin

Brazilian Cavy

Brazilain Porcupine

Brazilian three-Banded Armadillo

Gray Brocket

Hoary Zorro

Lowland Paca

Maguari Stork

Maned Sloth


Pantanal Cat

Pied Tamarin

Red-Tailed Boa

Silky Anteater

Yapok (Water Opossum)

Whistling Heron

Download Link:


Hashtags: #bird #heron #caiman #reptile #opossum #yapok #anteater #boa #snake #tamarin #primate #monkey #cat #feline #pacarana #sloth #stork #paca #zorro #brocket #armadillo #porcupine #cavy #capuchin #dog

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