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Reptile Terrariums

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Designer:  Whalebite

Original Creator: Thanks to Hendrix, ABC, z-studios, thom, nesseich, zero, Ulquiorra, cat, Robbie, Jimmyhoopz, eryel, 16529950, slice, and Feral Designs for letting me use the terrarium mesh. Render by Igcfm

Requires:  ZT2

Public Domain:  Yes except for the terrarium mesh

Language:  English

Bugs: unknown

Description: The Reptile Terrariums Pack is a mini pack containing ten premade terrariums.


Edited by SLGray

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I grabbed these along with the aquariums.  Same review, really: "These are great, just what the doctor ordered as far as 'arachnid house'-type decorations.  Fun to peek into in guest mode.  They are also very small, and small is always good!"

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