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Tamara Henson

Awesome Australia: Awesme Aves Remake

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Designer: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creators: Many people deserve credit for providing the original models for this pack.  DinosaurMan/Hendrix for the Lyrebird, Turkey, Bustard, original Owl mesh, Kookaburra, and Bowerbird; JimmyzHoopz for the Eagle; Manut, Whalebite, Chucha, Dn and Eryel for the Crested Dove; Whalebite, Chucha, Dn and Eryel for all the other Doves ; and finally the Radical Remake crew for the Penguin.

Requires: African Adventures (AA) is needed for nearly all of the birds. Marine Mania is recommended for the Penguin and Aves is also recommended.

Domain:  Yes.

Language: English

Bugs: The bowerbirds do not use the nest, it is decorative only.

Description:   A remake of all ten Awesome Aves bird plus a bonus animal: the Australian Masked owl with an all new mesh modified by me from DM's owl.


Albert's Lyrebird

Australian Bush Turkey

Australian Bustard

Australian Masked Owl

Common Kookaburra


Crested Dove


Emerald Dove


Fairy Blue Penguin

Satin Bowerbird & Nest

Superb Fruit Dove

Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Albert's Lyrebird.z2f Australian Bush Turkey.z2f Australian Bustard.z2f Australian Masked Owl.z2f Crested Dove.z2f Emerald Dove.z2f Fairy Blue Penguin.z2f Laughing Kookaburra.z2f Satin Bowerbird .z2f Superb Fruit Dove.z2f Wedge-Tailed Eagle.z2f

Edited by SLGray
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