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Tamara Henson

Spec World: Aotearoa

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Creator: Tamara Henson

Original Creators: Many people need to be credited for the original models used to make this pack. Bunyupy for the Beakuana, Bunyupy and Zerosvalmont for the Great Gobbler, Dinosaurman for the Big Yellow Gigaduck, Eryel for the Penguin of Death, and 16529950 for the Lawn Moa.

Requires: ES, EA, MM, and Spec World: Children of the Tree of Pain

Public Domain: Yes

Language: English

Bugs: None

Description: Five animals native to New Zealand from the Spec World alternate universe. It includes Spec's largest bird, the Big Yellow Gigaduck; the gigaduck's smaller cousin the Lawn Moa; The carnivorous Great Gobbler; the Pelacosaur-like Edaph-Beakuana, and the Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death!!!!


Big Yellow Gigaduck (yes it screams like Godzilla!)


Edaph Beakuana (Guests like these giant tuataras)


Great Gobbler (a big carnivorous bird in two subspecies)


Lawn Moa (watch out for the poo)


Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death!!!! (Warning these flip out and eat people all the time!)

Spec_Big Yellow Gigaduck.z2f Spec_Edaph Beakuana.z2f Spec_Great Gobbler.z2f Spec_Lawn Moa.z2f Spec_Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death.z2f

Edited by SLGray
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