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Pastel Bunny

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Designer:  Silverwren
Original Creator: HENDRIX for the base model (European Hare) and Sophie for the conservation status base coding
Requires: Endangered Species, European Hare (HENDRIX). User-made expansions such as African Adventures, Extinct Animals, IE and AN are suggested to get the full assortment of items available but they aren't necessary. Other user-made downloads might also prove useful but again are not needed.
Public Domain:  Yes for the model, No for the skins and Conservation Status icon (the icon image not the coding) unless you ask me for permission.
Language:  English
Bugs: The tail only truly appears when the animal is running or hopping.
Description:  A fictional rabbit available in five pastel colors for your spring-time zoo to give it a pop of color or add a touch of Easter. This rabbit comes with a new conservation status and icon. This is not a re-color of Ulquiorra's European Rabbit.
Screenshot: silver10.jpg

Hashtags: #rabbit #bunny #spring #Easter #pastel #fictional

zz-Silverwren-Pastel Bunny.z2f

Edited by silverwren
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Please re-download the Pastel Bunny if you did so in the past. The link has been updated for a new file in which a bug with the bunny has been fixed.

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