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Maddox61'S Road Set 1

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Designer:  Maddox61
   Original Creator: Maddoc61
   Requires:  Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
   Public Domain:  Yes
   Language:  English
   Bugs: none
   Description:  This set contains individual US road sections to allow more flexibility when it comes to adding roads and parking lots to your park.

There are 5 sets in this group that consist of the following;
1. Bicycle Lanes
2. Double Yellow Lines - 2 Lane Roads
3. Double Yellow Lines - 4 Lane Roads
4. White solid and dashed line 2 lane roads
5. Yellow solid and dashed line 2 lane roads

Road Set 2 (downloaded separately) contains all the parking stalls, islands, and road signs for this set.

Between the 2 sets there is a total of 140 pieces, so I included a complete list in the ReadMe file with a detailed
explanation on what each item is used for.  


Maddox61's Road Set 1.zip

Edited by SLGray

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