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Interesting Islands: Culture

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Designer:  Whalebite
Original Creator: Deepsilver, Feral Designs, Robbie
Requires:  EA
Public Domain:  Yes, except the shield.
Language:  English
Bugs: Dancers don't really dance, they run about. Duk-duk dancer's head will appear through the mask
Description: A Pack of human culture of the islands of the Indo-Pacific and South Pacific. This pack contains Duk-duk Dancer, Hula Dancer, Rapa Nui Dancer, Duk-duk Manikin, Maori Manikin, Koa Warrior Manikin, Micronesian Warrior Manikin, New Guinea Shield, Maori Arch
Screenshot: spacer.png

zzzz-II Culture.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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Another bug is that some will appear as white boxes in the selection menus.

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