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Designer:  Thom
Original Creator: Thom
Requires:  AA, EA, ES, MM
Public Domain: Yes
Language:  English, Dutch
Bugs: There might be some bugs I missed while testing. There are some known bugs which are easy to fix or prevent, so please read the following notes!
-Please watch the video here so you can see how to place the elevator.

-This elevator only goes up to height 3. But you can place this elevator on an elevated path to get higher.

-If you interrupt a guest while he is using the elevator, it may get bugged. You'll notice guests won't use the elevator anymore. To fix this you have to go to the elevator in first person mode. You'll see a message 'Press spacebar to reset elevator'. Press spacebar and the message disappears. Guests can now use the elevator again.

-You can also use this elevator in first-person mode:
When the elevator is free to use you'll see a message 'Press spacebar to use elevator'. Make sure you're inside the elevator then press spacebar. You'll see another message: 'Press spacebar to go up'. Now press spacebar twice and wait a couple of seconds.
The elevator will go up and you'll see a message 'Press spacebar to exit elevator'. Press spacebar when you're just above the elevated path. If you wait too long you can't exit anymore and you've to press G to exit first-person mode.
Unfortunately this function doesn't always work perfectly, so bugs might occur... If for some reason you can't use thee first-person function anymore you have to click on the elevator. You'll see a bunch of icons (sell button, move button etc.). Click on the icon with the guest on it, you'll go into first-person mode automatically. Don't do anything, just press G to exit first-person mode. The elevator first-person function has now been reset and you can use it again. Going down works the same as going up, but to go down with the elevator in first-person mode you have to place an extra (invisible) object. Place it on the elevated path inside the elevator.

-The panel included in this download uses the default elevator texture, which doesn't match with any of the available building sets. To make it match with the building set you're using, simply replace the texture 'PanelTexture.dds' in entities\objects\scenery\LiftPanel with the texture of the preferred building set. Sorry for the extra work, but I didn't want to include panels for every building set in this file. Send me a PM if you have trouble with this.

-This file replaces guest.xml. If you have a hack affecting this xml the elevator probably won't work properly if you place it on an elevated path!

-You can also read this information in the zoopedia's
Description:  Content: Includes 1 elevator + 1 object for the 'going down' function in first-person mode + 1 panel. All can be found in the scenery panel.
Screenshot: spacer.png


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