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Aquarium Essentials

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Designer:  Whalebite
Original Creator: Zerosvalmont for Nautilus and Sea Dragon, Jellyfish by AD and Hendrix, Dikki and Wii fishing resort for seahorse
Requires:  MM
Public Domain: Yes, probably should ask AD to use jellyfish
Language:  English
Bugs: None known, nothing breeds though
Description:  A pack full of animals you need for most aquariums. Contents:
Common Cuttlefish
Chambered Nautilus
Yellow Seahorse
Weedy Seadragon
Whitebar Surgeonfish
Silver Moonyfish
Pacific foureyed fish
Sea Goldie
Pacific Sea Nettle

Moon Jellyfish



zzz-Aquarium Essentials.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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10 minutes ago, TortuguitinBR said:

Where is the complete version?

Added.  Thanks.

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