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Reality Hack Pack

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Designer: Wolverale12
Requires: ZTCC
Language: English (for the American Alligator)
Bugs: None
Description: A collection of hacks that makes some animals habitats more realistic compared to how Blue Fang made them. Also please note to back up your zoo.ini file if you plan to use the one that's included in the rar!
Known Changes:

  • Bengal Tiger now has a little savannah terrain in it's habitat, some more grass, little less rainforest terrain, and now prefers the foxtail palm as the main tree.
  • Meiolan now prefers a rainforest habitat.
  • African Elephant has a little gray stone in it's habitat.
  • Polar Bear has a little gray stone in it's habitat.
  • Sperm Whale and Elephant Seal compatible with each other.
  • Lochness Monster has some coniferous forest terrain in it's habitat.
  • Macrauchenia now lives in a rainforest habitat with less brown stone, more grass, not compatible with tundra rocks and flora anymore, doesn't use ice age cave it prefers regular shelters instead, and the favorite foliage is the ulmo tree.
  • Added sand and brown stone to the Elephant Seals habitat.
  • Komodo Dragon now uses a burrow, and prefers to have more trees.
  • Saltwater Crocodile now has rainforest, sand, and freshwater terrain added to it's habitat, and the preferred tree is now mangrove.
  • Asian Elephant prefers to eat bamboo and the preferred foliage is bamboo also.
  • Giant Anteaters habitat now consists of grass, savannah, dirt, sand, and it eats insectivore chow now.
  • Velociraptors habitat is now desert and the fence bash strength has been lowerd, preferred foliage is prickly pear cactus.
  • Gallimimus habitat is now desert, preferred foliage is saguaro cactus.
  • New animal added in, American Alligator.
  • Sea Lions habitat now has dirt and sand in it, also fixed a bug in vanilla that it says the preferred foliage is water reed while it really is a water lily, so the preferred foliage icon was fixed to the water lily.
  • Tyrannosaurus now requires some rainforest terrain in it's exhibit.
  • Ankylosaurus's habitat is more grasslandish with some coniferous forest in it also to basically simulate wetlands also, still has some savannah terrain in the habitat, preferred foliage changed to monkey puzzle tree.
  • Allosaurus's habitat is now scrub, uses foliage and rocks from scrub, savannah, grassland, coniferous, and decidous, preferred foliage is now savannah grass.
  • The new changes to the zoo.ini file allows you to choose up to $100,000,000; but please backup your current zoo.ini since you will lose scenario progress and just because you might want to.
  • Spinosaurus now eats guests when it attacks them, and also has more water in its exhibit.
  • American Bison now has some dirt in its exhibit.
  • And more that I might not have listed!

That's all of the known changes.
Also please note that the American Alligator is a separate file from the combined reality hack due to it being a bonus animal for the pack.



Reality Pack.rar

Edited by SLGray

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