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Dynamic Signs

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Designer:  Lgcfm
Original Creator:  Iben and Thom
Requires: Dynamic Sign
Public Domain:  Yes, credit Iben and Thom for the original sign.
Language:  English
Bugs:  None
Description:  This download contains animal signs for Iben's Dynamic Sign download. After placing the original sign close to one of these animals, it will transform into an appropiate sign for that species, this way you will have dozens of animal signs available but they won't clutter your scenery tab as it is originally a single item.
Guests will look at these signs and comment on them.
The ones by Lgcfm are:  Endangered Species, African Adventure, Marine Mania, Extinct Animals, and Complete Collection.

- ZTR_Sign_Dynamic.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_AA.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_American_Adventures.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_AMPHIBIA.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Amphibians.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Artiodactyla.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Aves.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Barnowl,Sikadeer.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Carnivora.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Chilean Critters.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Complete_Collection.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_EA.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_ES.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_European_Expeditions.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Ferrets.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Goose Mini Pack.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Hendrix_Bonus.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Horn of Africa.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Indoraptor.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_MM.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Nessichs_India.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Reptilia.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Waterfowl birds.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Wildes_China.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_WNW.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_WWD.z2f ~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_ZT2_BDL.z2f

~ ZTR_Sign_Dynamic_Project Australia.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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Lgcfm has updated the signs by adding a new sign. The download link has been updated.

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The signs for Project Australia has been updated.  Please re-download it.

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